learn to cry in a foreign language

by Ferdia

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released December 8, 2013



all rights reserved


Ferdia Galway, Ireland

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Track Name: Heartbreak Etc.
Romeo's got another heartbreak
Juliet's been bringing him down,
Julie just bought a packet of cigarettes
She never smoked when he was around.

Romeo says it wasn't really anything
Going around, telling everyone he can,
And now he says that he understands
What it means to be a man.

Romeo loves everything about her
Now he's trying to forget her name,
Juliet built a hiding place
Where she mourned that soul she claimed.

Romeo dreams of someone else
As if he could ever let go,
Juliet just shrugs and reiterates
Three words she said long ago.
Track Name: Ambulance Driver
I'm the voice telling you to calm down
I'm the high and I'm coming down
I'm your words and I still make sound
I'm your world and I still go round

I'm the loneliness at 4am
I'm the voices over again, again, again
I'm the love that eventually ends
I'm the dark and I'm here again

And then you're lost and nobody follows you
And then you're caught by a ghost that hollows you